I recently received a demo CD of Californian progressive metal band Forewarned. On it were five tracks that will be found on their forthcoming demo.

Forewarned play pretty complex - that's where the 'progressive' comes from I guess - metal. Especially their drummer is quite staggering, though at times is seems like he can barely keep the sound from flying off the track in the corners. As with many demos', of course, production could be a bit better. The singer, most notably, sounds like he's either holding back too much or just plain too much in the back of the mix (especially in "True Believer" and "What's Done is Done"). The demo contains some quite convincing tracks, most notably "An Eternity to Endure" and "Phantoms Come by Way of Midnight". I am looking forward to hearing more of this band!

For more information, write to:
David J. Parsons
47231 92nd St. W
Lancaster, CA 93636



Written August 1999


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