The previous Entombed offering, "Same Difference", was quite a letdown. No longer did the erstwhile death metal legends rock like hell. Sometimes I learn from my mistakes, so this time I listened to the new album before risking a bum purchase.

As I listened an eyebrow raised slightly. I listened some more and both did they raise. Then I even got a grin on my face. This was perhaps not the old Entombed that I heard, but at least it was an Entombed that was as heavy and as energetic as around the times of "Wolverine Blues"! Songs like "Seeing Red" and especially "Come Clean" just plain leap off the CD and give you a right good smacking around the good old eardrums. Entombed just plain rock again! Lars-Goran screams his nuts off and the low-down and dirty production does most of the rest. Where the joy seemed to have gone out of their playing previously, they seem to have regained it.

"Uprising" is filled with compact, angry tracks such as we used to like so much. They shall probably never return to their death metal roots, and perhaps that's for the better. They rock just as good. There is one thing that is perhaps a bit too much over the top. The production is so dirty that sometimes (especially when listening on headphones) you hear an additional sound that is not unlike that in the olden days, when dust had gathered on the needle of your good old pickup.

Entombed are, as far as I'm concerned, back with a vengeance, back to rock!



Written March 2000


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