Entombed returned with a vengeance after "Same Difference" with their energetic and angry-sounding "Uprising". I am very glad this trend has continued with their latest album, "Morning Star". It, too, only contains songs that showcase a rejuvinated Entombed that knows how to friggin' rock their collective arses off.

"Morning Star", like "Uprising", shows how important a drummer is in rock or metal. Peter Stjarnvind brings the tracks to life, makes them leap right off the whatever-it-is-CDs-are-made-of.

"Chief Rebel Angel" and "Fractures" are where Stjarnvind's fingerprints can be found most. But among the other tracks there are many instances where anger and bile just fly right at you. "I For an Eye", for example, as well as the pro-environment song "When It Hits Home". In fact there is only one track on the album that doesn't hit home with me, and that's "Mental Twin", provided with a sloppy and overly heavy drum production.

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Written November 2001


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