Such a shame, such a shame. Eidolon is a good band. They have a good drummer, they have a great riffmaster of a guitarist, they write Truly Great Songs, the CD artwork looks cool, and the album sounds good too.

One Brian Soulard, however, Eidolon's vocalist, spoils everything. I can handle Cradle of Filth, King Diamond, heck, even Geddy Lee in his olden days. If I am intoxicated enough I might even bob my head to Michael Bolton. But Soulard has a thoroughly unpleasant vibrato and generally horrible singing style. The flesh starts to retract from my teeth, my fontanelles start slowly reopening and my gonads start ascending at a rapid pace back into my abdomen. In case of prolonged exposure, I shall no doubt take to babbling baby language and hit my head repeatedly into non-padded walls.

Now if the band had recorded a few instrumentals - two, perhaps, though a paltry one would have been infinite relief already - the rating might partly have been saved.

I hope the wife won't complain too much what with those gonads.



Written April 2001


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