Evol is an Italian black metal outfit, doing their thing since 1993 (which includes two demos, two full-length CD and this "Ancient Abbey" mini CD, intended to bridge the wait until their forthcoming "Portraits"). Current members include Giordano Bruna (a.k.a. The Prince of Agony) on keyboards and vocals, Suspiria (a.k.a. The Princess of Disease) on vocals, Samael von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) on guitar, Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) on drums and T-Rex (Marquis of Tex Tenebrea) on bass.

Anyone not into black metal will immediately conclude that we have here a bunch of half-crazed clowns painting their faces white/black, going around in chain mail and spiked collars, no doubt taking themselves frightfully seriously. Evol claim to be "beyond Satanism", a statement that fails to conjure up a clear image.


These furious five have managed to record a rather good mini CD, the aforementioned "Ancient Abbey"! Giordano's throat is cruelly effective in delivering harsh renditions of "beyond Satanism" while he weaves thick keyboard carpets, accompanied by the lady Suspiria in speech as well as song. Perhaps because of the fact that it's not exactly a well-balanced offering (with the full-speed-ahead black metal onslaught of "Ancient Abbey (Thunder Remix)" on the same disc as the three-part faerytale epos "The Tale of the Witchlord" and the slightly pretentious all-German spoken "Das Gemiedene Schloss"), the mini CD captivates and enthralls.

"Ancient Abbey" has caused me to go looking for their earlier full-length efforts - "The Saga of the Horned King" and "Dreamquest" - on second-hand markets, and I have to admit I am rather looking forward to "Portraits".



Written July 1998


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