Sometimes, people on the "Ytsejam" Dream Theater Internet mailing list gush forth great streams of praise and appreciation for a particular CD. Due to their musical taste often connecting with mine, this sometimes causes me to just go out and get a CD without first listening to it. That's how it went with Damir Simic-Shime's "The Quest".

Damir is a guitarist with southeastern European roots who lives in the States these days. His influences include Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Tony MacAlpine, with a whiff of Yngwie Malmsteen, making for an interesting mixture. The CD reflects that mixture, and it has to be admitted, it's an aural joy to listen to it. A variety of styles passes you by, sometimes melodic, then heavier like the excellent track "Going Home". Good stuff by a guitarist that not too many people have heard of yet.



Written July 1998


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