Books can change your life. Although perhaps this book didn't really have that much of an impact, it did strengthen a friendship. A friend of mine advised me to read this book so I did, and I appreciate him more for it.

In "Carrion Comfort", the story revolves around a group of mind vampires - people who sate their thirst for violence by controlling others at a distance - and their unlikely opponents. Although it's just another good vs. evil story at the core, the book is full of hair-raising horror, believable characters and cliff hangers that will literally yank your chain. Very difficult to put this one down.

While reading I couldn't wait to get to the end, to see who'd live and who'd die, how Simmons would wrap up this compelling story. But now I've finished it, I wish I hadn't as there is no more "Carrion Comfort" to get back to.

Some films are a must see, some things are a must have. This book is a must read.

Released 1989, ISBN 0-7472-3405-1



Written March 1999


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