If a band wants to leave a deep impression on me, they really should have among their ranks a female singer. For some reason or other, I have developed a liking for bands like Elend, Theatre of Tragedy, Left Hand Solution, new The Gathering and, of course, Within Temptation. And then, like a flash from a clear sky, there appears Dreams of Sanity, a band that has in their ranks not one but two female singers - Sandra Schleret and Martina Hombacher! Together with Michael Knoflach (bass), Stefan Menges (keyboard), Romed Astner (drums), Andreas Wildauer (guitar) and Christian Marx (guitar) they are the main ingredients for a meal that tastes symphonic, doomy, classical and a slightest tad poppy, based on Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy".

Don't let the album title mislead you into thinking it's artsy German-language shit like Lacrimosa, but it's 'normal', English-language, um, 'faerytale metal' is probably a good description.

"Komodia" is a CD featuring almost 55 minutes of not overly complex but none the less interesting sympho-doom-classical music, orally accompanied in a most pleasing fashion by the two sopranos. A rather nice CD for an autumn evening with a bottle of beer, feet up near an open fire, reading.



Written November 1997


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