For those who like wallowing in misery, who revel in profound feelings of deepest melancholy, there's "Deep Inside Myself". From the soulful cover art to the tracks themselves, this album breathes soundscapes of gothic villages, half-dead drudges slouching sullenly, of dusking suns never to dawn again, reminiscent of semi-recent Paradise Lost.

Throughout the album, the band seems to switch between a more Sisters of Mercy style sound and something a little more traditional metal with grunted vocals. The clean vocals sometimes sound rather accented (German, I suppose) and faltering. The grunt is more convincing, for example in a tune called "A Part of Mine" of which the first minute or so is quite excellent. Still, other tracks on "At a Late Hour" manage to convince from beginning to end, such as "Endless Winter" and "The Slave". "At a Late Hour" is a very enjoyable CD of good music. It's moody, well played, with several moments of nigh-brilliance.



Written August 2002


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