Death is back. Chuck hasn't lost the art, the band has an extremely strong line-up, and the new album is entitled "The Sound of Perseverance".

The album is exactly what one would have expected; there's insane rhythm changes, highly technical playing, Chuck's trademark vocals and compositorial style, all in all a true Death album that only differs from the previous album, "Symbolic", in that it is even more challenging to listen to (some might even consider it difficult). I have no idea where drummer Richard Christy came from, but he's the ideal cross between the general technical heaviness of people like Gene Hoghlan/Paul Bostaph/Mike Terrana with the utter rhythm craziness of someone like Stephen "Confessor" Shelton.

Without copying any previous efforts, Death have succeeded in making a recognisable album that has improved on their previous CDs once again. This is genuine 'corker!' material.

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Written September 1998


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