Doomsword seems to be a project kind of band from a whole slew of other bands, some known, some rather less so. The band play a kind of medievally influenced epic metal that will not sound wholly unfamiliar if you know Manowar - the sound is less bombastic and production in general less heavy, but there's Manowar in there. "Resound the Horn" contains 7 tracks, 5 of which are longer than 7 minutes. The problem is that the riffs and other vital parts of the songs are not sufficient for songs of such length. There's a lot of repetition going on, which doesn't improve the end result. Their drummer is none other Grom (of Ancient, black metal legends from Norway), but he seems to be awfully restrained everywhere.

I am afraid "Resound the Horn" doesn't really impress at all. The only memorably part is the last quarter of the 8.5 minute epic closer, which contains battle sounds over now pretty good sounding music. Other than that the vocals make the entire listening experience too bland, with music too similar throughout.



Written June 2002


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