Crushed Skull records are doing a great job for underground and budding bands. They have released compilations featuring the raw talents of bands the likes of Engorge, Virulent and, indeed, Detonation. Now, finally, they have released an EP of the latter promising young band.

Entitled "Lost Euphoria", Detonation's debut EP contains four tracks of chunky, powerful, furious metal. Their Gothenburg influences are obvious but not too blatant. None of the four tracks relent when it comes to enthusiasm and full-out sonic assault, but I have to say that "Euphoric Loss" and "Helplessness" are worthy of the epitaph "euphorically climactic".

I am rooting for a full length album of Detonation in the near future. I hope that they will put the two earlier Crushed Skull compilation tracks on there, and that it will have louder drums too.

The album is available for DM 15, Hfl 15 or US$ 10 from Mike Ferguson, Dr. H. Colijnlaan 36, 3705 HT, Zeist, Netherlands. Check it out!



Written February 2000


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