Just before the summer of 1997, Nuclear Blast released a Dismember EP by the name of "Misanthropic". In September, the next full-length Dismember effort was to be expected, a CD promisingly called "Death Metal".

Another disc full of uncompromising Entombed-clonemanship, "Death Metal" boasts twelve tracks of consistent, um, surprise, surprise, death metal - aggressive, straight-between-the-eyes, and with quite a few memorable tunes to boot. Where Entombed evolved - incidentally disappointing quite a few fans - Dismember have remained rather more true to their roots. With a production carefully gleaned from recent Entombed products, the guitars and vocals in particular have this familiar feeling about them, even though the tunes are in fact clear evidence that these Swedes are not just common copycats. In fact, I would dare say that "Death Metal" is one of the finest CDs to be released this year. Particularly the last track, a song called "Mistweaver" that even features the use of a classical intro the likes of which can be expected with At The Gates, is one of my favourites.



Written September 1997


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