Sometimes a band that you're familiar with, sometimes even one that's growing up right under your nose, makes a sudden huge leap forward. They make an unexpected leap to greatness, which you hope won't be missed by the rest of the world. Detonation, a band from around where I live myself, is a band that recently made such a progression. I know I may tend to be biased towards 'local talent', but on the scale of metal in the world at large, Detonation unmistakably ought to get the attention of a band like, say, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, you name it.

"An Epic Defiance" is Detonation's first full-length album after a few tracks on a sampler and an EP entitled "Lost Euphoria". On the earlier albums there was clearly something good waiting to come out, but on "An Epic Defiance" is has finally come to fruition. From start to finish, "An Epic Defiance" is comprised of incredibly tightly executed music, good guitar work and simply amazing drumming (also very fast and precise when needed, much like Emperor's Trym at times). This is accompanied by a viciously deep grunt. Even the album's artwork is excellent and very professional - what we have here is an album that is 100% impressive.

Now some bands manage to have a good guitar player, good drummer, good death metal vocalist, good artwork, good production, all good, but their music still basically comes down to shit. And no matter how much you polish a turd, it will still be a turd. With Detonation, however, the songwriting is also up to par. This is no polished turd, rather a neatly polished and lovingly buffed gem. No songs stand out particularly, but that is primarily because the album is at a consistently high and captivating level.

Depending on where in the world you live, the album will cost you 13 to 14,50 Euros (including postage). Check out their official site for more order details.



Written November 2002


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