I read a review of a Destruction album somewhere. The guy wasn't too positive about their latest offering, "The Antichrist". In today's day and age, he said, there were plenty of much superior thrash metal bands. He quoted Dew-Scented as a prime example of the latter. So I got their latest, "Inward" (a release now some months old already), inserted it in the player, pressed "play"...

...and decided that the guy had been right. Destruction is cool, but it's partly because of their history and status. Dew-Scented have much less of a history and their status will grow yet, but they do have under their belts some powerful thrash metal. "Inward" contains 10 vigorously vehement tracks that mean business. If you're into the genre (and you right well should be!) you can practically only do worse after you've checked out "Inward". There is not a whole lot I can say other than that it is damn good. Go get it.

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Written May 2002


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