I wonder why this EP was delayed as much at turned out to be - several months at the least. Was it worth the wait?

"From the Cradle to Enslave" offers two new tracks, two covers, a remix and a re-recording. Not a lot of new stuff for what almost amounts to the price of a regular CD. The new tracks are the title track and "Of Dark Blood and F**king", both with lavish Dani-style lyrics and a musical style slightly more straightforward than their previous material. It's the first time I really hear the nocturnal pulse clearly in the mix, which is a good thing I guess. "Of Dark Blood and F**king" is also rather more intense when the drumming is concerned.

"Death Comes Ripping", a Danzig cover, is not particularly memorable. It's also quite short. Anathema's "Sleepless" is covered rather more excellently, though the result could have been a bit heavier. When they do covers, Cradle always seems to hold back. Only their "Hell Awaits" is pure, unadulterated, atmospheric mayhem (but that's not on this EP :-). "Perverts Church" is a dance-like remix with a lot of accent on drums and repetitive female vocals. Easier to digest than the simply atrocious dance remix that could be found on the "Cruelty..." Celtic Cross version, it's pretty OK.

The closer, a re-recording of "Funeral in Carpathia" (the last track with Nicholas Barker still on drums), seems kindof pointless. It's the "Be Quick of be Dead Version", which I suppose hints at the slightly higher speed at which it's played. I prefer the original, which also has Sarah Jezebel Diva talking/chanting instead of singing such as the case here.

Cool artwork, as usual.



Written November 1999


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