The year 1998 has been a fine one. This year revealed to me bands the likes of Ebony Tears, Tristania, Covenant and, yes, Children of Bodom. Another fine band added to the Nuclear Blast roster.

Finnish band Children of Bodom (the seemingly silly name inspired by a Finnish lake in the vicinity of which some children have been brutally murdered) is an interesting cross-pollination of thrash metal and neoclassical guitarists (read Yngwie Malmsteen), with a black metal kind of vocalist. Throughout the (merely) 36 minutes that the CD lasts, one cannot help but be impressed by the band's tightness and Kuoppala's mad six-string antics. "Something Wild" contains some true thrash metal gems, such as "The Nail", but it would be unfair towards the other songs to make this track stand out from the rest. Mandatory stuff, this!

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Written July 1998


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