Regular as clockwork, Callenish Circle have released a new CD, "My Pleasure // Your Pain". As usual, they have managed to deliver a tight sounding album. As usual, unfortunately, they have failed to write an album that grips you. There are plenty of riffs but they don't amount to enough. It's the usual staccato style we've come to expect from Callenish Circle, coupled with pretty straightforward drumming. There is no need for death metal bands to limit themselves musically, but this band does so anyway.

The album actually kicks off with some hint at promise, with "Soul Messiah" and the album's top song, "Dwelling in Disdain". After that, however, it's just more of the same - half-inspired, non-melodic death metal. There's a glimmer of hope in the closing song ("// Your Pain"), but that's that.



Written March 2003


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