Finally, the time has come upon us when those who love to caress their women with knives, copulate with maggot-filled eye sockets and generally get off on all sorts of semi-canniba-necrophagic gore, to live their finest hour. No, Carcass have not reunited and gone back to their most ancient routes, instead Cannibal Corpse have released a fine (and first?) death metal live album, "Live Cannibalism". Recorded live in the US during this year's tour, it offers a pretty authentic aural glimpse at what it was like to be there, thrashing and moshing, smack in the middle of the fray.

What first strikes you is the sound quality. It definitely sounds better than most of the studio albums from their middle and early (Barnes) days. Also, of course, it includes some of everyone's favourite tracks, including the brilliant opener ("Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead"), the excellent recent track "Unleashing the Bloodthirsty", the all-time classic "Hammer Smashed Face", the women-friendly "Fucked With a Knife" and the totally ace "Devoured by Vermin". In total there are some 18 tracks, sounding really good, performed intensely, and generally good (if anything this cannibalistic can achieve this epitaph, of course). Especially the tracks from their latest studio album, "Bloodthirst", come across really well. Perhaps it's because Cannibal Corpse manages, even within the confines of their genre and style, to grow musically.

As we say in Holland, you cannot fall yourself a bump on this.

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Written October 2000


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