Banned in 42 countries, as well as a few lesser constellations in the Gamma Quadrant around Betelgeuse! Using the word "blood" more than any written art form this side of Atilla the Hun's "Letters to Gramps"! People are not even allowed to think of the band's name, nor of their first album title (being "Repugnantly Splendiferous Bloody Schmooze of Be-testicled Intestines"), in Germany! Women are not allowed within 2.5 nautical miles of any band members, with the exception of the drummer, who is a Certified Possibly Nice Guy! Priests who accidentally lay eyes on any of the band's non-censored artwork have to gouge their own eyes out and then repeatedly run headlong into blunt things! Mothers have been known to ritually lobotomise their own daughters rather than to have them even buy a CD that was next to a Cannibal Corpse CD in the shop! The pope has deemed use of condoms no longer sufficient to thwart this kind of evil! Performers of autopsies have been reported to switch to another line of work to prevent them from having to witness certain band members doing empirical lyrics research! The Dalai Llama is reported to have sighed something disturbingly like "these guys really cause me to want to kill them in the most brutal way imaginable"! The Vatican plans to nuke Florida to get rid of the root of this vilest form of evil! Various spiritual leaders of the rather fundamental persuasion have issued a bulletin calling for all terrorist activities to be aimed at the worldwide offices of the "Webster's Collegiate Dictionary" publishers, for allegedly, and I quote, "being named after de basist pikdog of an capitalyst swine playing basse in unholy Cannible Kporse [sic]"!

Well, anyway, I am sure you get the drift. The scary thing is that the bit about Germany is almost true...

But all craziness on a stick (such as we say in Dutch in circumstances like these), the tracks on this album will in time no doubt attain classic status in the gore genre. They have the right titles, they have the right lyrical content, they have the right number of insane riffs and rhythm changes. Cannibal Corpse came, saw and considered it enough gore. The album sounds good, looks good (if you achieve peaks when looking at gore, that is), and is just, basically, when push comes to shove, another corker of a Cannibal Corpse album.

The limited edition (probably strictly limited to about half a million copies) includes a rather delectable cover of Metallica's old classic "No Remorse", sounding heavier than it ever did. Very much worth while trying to get this limited edition for.

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Written February 2002


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