What can one possibly say about Cannibal Corpse? Banned in a couple of countries, disallowed from playing tracks off their earlier albums in several other locations, they seem to have successfully formed a pretty extreme image. By now, of course, there are bands that have more sickening album covers, more extreme lyrical content and heavier brick-in-yer-gob music. Still, Cannibal Corpse were one of the pioneers and they're still doing what they've done for the past decade or so: Create albums full of fairly extreme doses of gore and brutality, packaged in rather monsterly insane riffs.

"Bloodthirst", their latest offering, is no exception to this rule. There is little evolution in Cannibal Corpse's lyrical/musical style, which is just as well. If you hated them you'll continue to hate them; if you love them you'll continue to love them. Song titles like "Dead Human Collection", "Hacksaw Decapitation" and "Blowtorch Slaughter" pretty much cover the load. I liked some of their earlier stuff, and the new album has the advantage that's it's better produced (by Colin Richardson). So it's definitely one of the better sounding Cannibal Corpse albums.

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Written September 1999


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