A little while ago I was impressed by Immolation. This ear-numbing sonic brick left me deafened, sore in the head and with a dully throbbing pain in my neck. I had not heard of Cryptopsy at the time. My loss.

Cryptopsy's "Whisper Supremacy" was released last year already, but I didn't want to miss out on doing a review of this one. Where Immolation is a sonic brick, Cryptopsy is a sonic menhir, hurled by the most vile of gods with such craft and cunning so as to render all senses blunt. Imagine high-speed blast beats with a subsonic growler, psychotic guitar riffs, alternated with stupefying drumming assaults that could render unconscious even the most hardened roadwork drill operator. Then multiply it by itself, throw in a Concorde or two, perhaps a close-up recording of a nuclear detonation, and then you get something approaching "Whisper Supremacy".

The amazing thing about Cryptopsy is that this seemingly unstructured violence is complex, full of the energy of a thousand suns, and technically at a par with the best death acts. And it's heavy as fuck too! Good production, ultra-fast insane playing, loudness, technical capability, it's all there. If you're into extreme music and you seek something new and challenging, don't give this one a pass!

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Written August 1999


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