Sometimes you've got a pretty good band, they can write some pretty cool chugga chugga riffs and have a pretty good drummer.

German band Chinchilla is such a band. Their songs start off good, they end good, the bridges are good, but then in between those bits the instrumentation changes like night and day, the singer starts, and the band turns average. Maybe it's the pretty heavy German accent, most notably present in the closer, "Anymore". Maybe it's the Whitesnake-like quality of singing, or the cliche topics, or the fact that the music becomes a lot more simple when there's singing going on. Maybe it's all of that thrown together, I don't know.

Having said that, the album does not actually sound bad at all, it's just that, musically, there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on during the singing. And, unfortunately, there's no instrumentals. The songs just don't stick out much, except for the title track and the Kiss cover "Stole Your Love" (which is actually very good, well sung too).



Written November 2000


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