Carcariass is one of those bands that takes you by the ears and then gives you a good shaking. Although they are billed as a technical death metal, they go beyond that. On "Killing Process", for example, you'll find more instrumentals (among which the excellent title track and "Burn in Peace") than on any death metal album that came before. Production values also allow for the individual instruments to be heard, the bass in particular. Carcariass plays intelligent sounding, crisply produced, articulate death metal. The band members display great mastery of their instruments, though the guitarist's regular use of tapping does tend to give several songs a rather similar feel.

"Killing Process" is their third album already, the result of which is incredibly tight, quite innovative and great sounding. If you like your death metal a bit more refined, if the latest Vader is great but you'd like to see some more elaborate playing, you could do a hell of a lot worse than checking out "Killing Process".



Written June 2002


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