German band Chinchilla have already been around for a very long time. They were formed in 1988, split not long afterwards, reunited in 1993, released some stuff on their own, and then 1997 saw the release of their first true CD, "Horrorscope", in Japan. Now the album is also available in Europe, still entitled "Horrorscope".

Chinchilla are a band, so it seems, that doesn't know what they want. The album has several really good tracks (like "Heaven or Hell", "Reborn of God" and "Crack in the Mirror") that prove that this band can really get down to some serious music if they want. But intermingled with the good stuff you will find a massive four ballads that just scream "skip me", with cutely cheesy vocal harmonics, the works. The album is really well-produced, vocalist Thomas Laasch is a good AOR singer, but why on earth did they have to include those ready-for-radio/MTV ballads? The ballads alone crank - taking up almost 20 minutes of your life that are too valuable to throw away - down the rating two notches.

If your CD player can remember to skip tracks 4, 6, 9 and 12:



Written April 1999


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