Not a soul could possible raise an eyebrow even half a millimetre when they hear the new Bolt Thrower album, "Honour - Valour - Pride". Though new front man Dave "formerly of Benediction" Ingram lends a slightly deeper grunt to the vocal effort, all the other ingredients are very much the same. There's the gentle build-up, the marching of mighty tank units and...wait...there is reason for some form of eyebrow raising as "7th Offensive" contains nothing other than a guitar solo! I can't remember having heard anything like that before, not from Bolt Thrower anyway, though obviously it's quite possible that the general sonic mayhem hitherto prevented me from hearing any such thing.

Cutting the crap away from where it was beating the bush around, it can be said that "Honour - Valour - Pride" is a fine Bolt Thrower album that manages to continue very much in the familiar vein. "Contact Wait Out" and "Honour" are fine tracks, and "Inside the Wire" is my personal favourite. The rest of the tracks are good, too. Fans can buy this one without thinking twice. Heck, it's a damn good collection of heavy metal like it's supposed to be: Slow bits, faster bits, and all heavy bits.

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Written October 2001


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