When Dave Ingram left Benediction I wasn't too sure whether the band would ever recover. People before me may probably have doubted the band's ability to survive when Barney Greenway did. New vocalist Dave Hunt may not have come across as a very sympathetic front man during the 1998 tour to support Death, but he seems to be up to the challenge from what I can hear on the new album, "Organised Chaos".

It wouldn't be difficult to fool yourself into thinking Ingram still did his bit. Dave Hunt's vocals are quite similar, though they are a slightly less deep and growly. The songs themselves are all different yet warmly familiar, instantly recognisable Benediction material. The drumming seems a bit more straightforward than on "Grind Bastard", and "Easy Way to Die" is, if anything, almost a Benedictionised version of a ballad.

"Organised Chaos" doesn't let you raise your eyebrows in surprise much, but it's good Benediction quality that will not disappoint the fans.



Written September 2001


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