There are such bands that stand out from the rest because they offer good quality music with a particular style all their own. Brainstorm offers good quality music and the combination of their songwriting and Andy B. Franck's vocals make for their own particular style, their magic ingredient. Some may find the power-metal-style vocals and harmonies hard to digest, but if they go down smoothly with you...

"Metus Mortis" is an album much in the vein of its predecessor ("Ambiguity", 2000), while still retaining a sense of novelty. Also, basically, the new tracks sound good and grab you by the, um, ears. The album contains two kinds of tracks: Good ones and very good ones. If you get a chance to listen, check out "Blind Suffering", "Checkmate in Red" and "Into the Never". Especially "Checkmate in Red" is a veritable treasure of classical influences and plain challenging music.

Brainstorm, really, ought to get a lot more support. Their name hasn't reached far and wide as yet, when certainly they deserve to. I suggest you check 'em out and help Brainstorm take the world by, um, well...



Written October 2001


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