Described here and there as a cross between Theatre of Tragedy, Trail of Tears, Therion, old The Gathering and Within Temptation, After Forever sure offer a potentially interesting blend of bands that I already like.

So off I went for a blind purchase, off I went to listen, then listen again, and again. I had to conclude that the blend description was spot-on, though it has to be said that there is more of Within Temptation in the mix than of any of the other bands named...

After Forever are a romantic doom metal band from the Netherlands, whose smooth riffs are enriched by soprano singing as well as the occasional grunting passage. Very nice. By using a small choire they add an element familiar from the likes of Therion, which is very nice too.

"Prison of Desire" is rather a good album, especially if you consider it's their debut. "Beyond Me", the closing track, also features a guest appearance of siren-voiced Sharon "Within Temptation" den Adel, which to me is another of many reasons to go and check this out.



Written May 2000


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