"The Gnole" tells the story of a mole-like, semi-human creature that feels mankind encroaching on its universe and doesn't like it. To try and impede the inevitable, he sets out to the city where he experiences all kinds of fantastic adventures. Starting out as a story much like Tolkien's "The Hobbit", it seems evident that the author became every more inspired later in the book: Where Fungle (for such is the name of the gnole) enters the world of man, appears on the Johnny Carson show (well kindof), and eventually ends up in a laboratory where people of little honour attempt to get to the bottom of Fungle's amazing abilities. There's supernatural forces, evilly evil characters, plenty of comic relief, occasional flirts with punnery, and what's most important: An entertaining story with a wink and a tear.

Another one of those sales bin books, bought for roughly the equivalent of US$ 2. I'd been surprised before, with the horribly titled "There's Something Alive on the Titanic",'s happened again. "The Gnole" was more than worth it!

Released 1991, ISBN 0-7493-1354-4



Written September 1999


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