Limb Music Publishing is promoting some rather excellent AOR/progressive bands these days. There's Rhapsody, of course, but let's not forget Avalon. Their third album, "Vision Eden", features 9 energetic power/prog metal tracks (plus a slightly more sappy ballad) with new Sri-Lankan singer Chitral "Chity" Somapaia at the helm. Apart from a great deal of power and energy, the songs convey great musicianship. Avalon is not just any band capable of writing cool songs, but a band of gifted musicians who wield their abilities well.

The album has a concept, too, around a futuristic kind of Eden that will be attained only by denouncing evil. As such Avalon's message is opposed to quite a few bands that get what's coming in the track "Dancing with the Devil". The album concept as such might be a bit naive and dreamy, but that does not detract from the fact that "Vision Eden" is an incredibly powerful album that will no doubt battle for supremacy in the CD player for quite a while to come. There are no real highlights on this album; it's basically all highlight except for "Road to Eden" (which isn't too bad and thankfully short, but a bit bland amidst all this progressive violence).



Written October 1998


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