Century Media have recently acquired the rights to re-release part of the old Combat Records catalogue. To my knowledge, they have used this to release at least five albums: Death's "Leprosy", Forbidden's "Raw Evil - Live at Dynamo", Crumbsuckers' "Life of Dreams", Agent Steel's "Skeptics Apocalypse" and, indeed, Abattoir's "Vicious Attack".

All these albums are true mid-eighties metal classics (though I personally think the Crumbsuckers, well, suck), most of which have never been released on CD before. I had personally been waiting for the CD release of the Abattoir album ever since I bought my first CD player, mid 1988. Ten years later, the wait is over. And it's been worth it.

I don't think Abattoir ever got the recognition they certainly deserved. There's been another album, I think, but that's about it.

"Vicious Attack" is a fine album of traditional heavy metal, with absolutely superb tracks the likes of "Don't Walk Alone" and "Game of Death". It also features a cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades", and a pretty good one I might add. To me, it's an old wish finally granted.



Written December 1998


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