Throughout their existence, Acheron have recorded quite a few cover tracks. This "Tribute to the Devil's Music" features those tracks combined on one CD. Because the songs have been recorded over a period of years, sound quality and, um, instrument mastership, vary quite a bit. "Black Sabbath" sounds kindof thin and is introduced by a totally over-the-top satanic thing. "Countess Bathory" has a horrible drum sound and a guitar solo that is so cringingly out of key that even early-Venom-days Mantas would have noticed. Even on a re-recording of their own "Ave Satanas", production standards aren't up to par (still, better than "St. Anger" :-).

Other, better performed covers on the album include "Dawn of Megiddo", "Wrathchild" (with death metal vocals, obviously), "War Machine" (nowhere near as good as the Six Feet Under version, though), "Room of Golden Air" and probably the best, "Flag of Hate". They also covered Judas Priest's "Devil's Child", which had the lyrics changed to make them "less gay". Anyone having, um, issues, Mr Crowley?

In general, I would have imagined anything that represents the music of the devil to be a whole lot heavier. In that respect, this CD doesn't deliver the goods. It's an interesting collection of covers, though. Nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, a word about their overly serious satanic image. By pledging allegiance to satan or any other Dark One From Below, you automatically concede that there is a god. The Devil was banished by god and is the opposite of all that is good. However, as there is no god, this means there can be no satan either. It's OK to be satanic in a funny way (like Venom used to be), however some bands are taking themselves much too seriously with their silly satanist angle (Vital Remains and Acheron, for example).

Grow up and stick to making the best music you can!



Written June 2003


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