I guess eating too many snails, goose livers and fungoid cheese will in the end cause every single French person to do something extreme. Some will suppress the official king, some will behead anyone who's opposed to them, some will think it a very modern thought to conduct nuclear testing in the Pacific, some will change the course of the world by embarking on a most proverbial conquest. In Le Perreux, however, five individuals named Alex, Andrew, Mat, Sargon and Xavier instead formed 7th Nemesis, a most kick-ass, aggressive, "and we'll give you more if you want to" type of death metal band. Indeed, the scourge is upon us. The world will never be same again. Well, France, anyway. Or at least Le Perreux.

Their promotional CD contains three tracks - "7th Banner", "Omega Dei" and "Phoenix Resurrectio". The tracks all sound very aggressive, with a very loud and rough drum production in particular. Sargon's vocals sound prominent and evil, both when he growls and when he screams. The cymbals sound quite weird and typical, I am not sure if that's the way they should remain on future recordings.

I can't help but feel that 7th Nemesis may change the map of the death metal world as far as France is concerned.



Written November 2002


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