"Heads" is the debut album of San Franciscan band 40 Grit. After causing themselves to get noticed in the past year or two (and performing on 1999's Dynamo Open Air when still unsigned), Metal Blade signed them, put them in the studio, and out came aforementioned CD.

The album is quite a rocker, with tunes that will sit in your head with some persistence, sounding well, here and there with a touch of Machinehead (which is primarily because of part of the vocal style). In fact I prefer 40 Grit over Rob(b?) Flyn(n?)'s band. The tracks seem somehow more authentic, and the compositions are all pretty good (where Machinehead, I think, always only has a few good tracks on every album). There is one point of rest, a tiny 'negative space' filler in front of "Spit", and one mediocre track, "Three Spaces". The other tracks all, well, kindof rule.

A good album to check out when you can. I just wish bands would quit putting five minutes of silence followed by some miscellaneous noises at the end of the album. Waste of space, waste of time, and irritating.



Written August 2000


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